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Sim2 - Products - Projection - SVP 390

SVP 390: High brightness video projector.
Top of the SVT range, the advanced SVP 390 is perfect for all video signals, from multi standard composite video through S-VHS to RGB signals. The SVP 390 has outstanding picture quality with superb definition, contrast and clarity being equipped with high brightness and high resolution 7“ CRT’s. It is ideal for all situations, for professional use, for information, for shows and entertainment as well as in the comfort of your living room. It is perfect for the boardroom, the conference centre and in hotels, discos, bars, shops and stores. It is also very easy to install which enhances its’ use in all these applications. The SVP 390 is available in 2 versions: the CM (MC) version has manual convergence and conventional presets. The CT (DC) version has digital convergence and is fully controlled and set up by remote control and has 8 user memories in order to store preset convergence settings. The SVP 390 is equipped with a COMB filter to reduce cross-colour and cross-luminance interference, with a DTI circuit to enhance colour resolution. The image format ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 is switchable by remote control and also available is a 12 volt DC output supply that is active only when the projector is ON. This feature allows it to drive a motorised screen or to automatically switch off the room lights. It is also able to autoswitch between 4 different video standards (PAL, SECAM, NTSC and NTSC 4.4

SVP 390
CRT: Three Sony 07MS 7“ high resolution
Lenses: 3 DELTA TAC 4 high resolution
Resolution: More than 700 TV-lines
Brightnesst: 140 ANSI lumens
Picture size: 60"-250" diagonal
Installation: either floor or ceiling mounted, front or rear projection
Horizontal scan frequency: 15625 Hz ± 800 Hz
Vertical scan frequency: 50 - 60 Hz autolocked
Bandwidth: 12 MHz
Dynamic focus: Horizontal and vertical
Masking: Horizontal and vertical masking adjustable by remote control
Colour system: quad standard
Convergence type: Digital convergence with 17 zone adjustments
Memory manager: 25 user memory
Keystone elimination: Up to 20°
Test pattern: Eight internal test pattern
RGB Input: via 5x BNC’s or SCART H/V, V Separate sync., and sync. on green
Video Input 1: via SCART or BNC
Video Input 2: via BNC
S-VHS Input 1: via mini DIN 4-pin
S-VHS Input 2: via SCART
Control of external devices: by 2 power jack outputs with 12 Volt DC, 50 mA max
Information: On screen display by remote control
Input voltage: 90-270 Vac 48-62 Hz
Power consumption: 200 Watt
Dimensions (WxHxD): 620 x 290 x 700 mm
Net weight: 30 Kg