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Sim2 - Products - Projection - SDV 1300

Digital Light Processing ™ (DLP ™) Technology:
New SDV 1300 is a multimedia projector embedding the innovative micromirror technology in the highest (three-chip) configuration. This is a guarantee for the highest performances with respect to image quality and brightness.

Large Venue:
very high brightness of the new SDV 1300 (1300 lumen ANSI) allows to display video or computer sources on very large screens: up to 500” diagonal. Furthermore SDV1300 allows to display crisp images also in normal lighting conditions. It is the ideal product for congresses, fairs, concerts, control rooms, broadcasting studios, sport halls, schools, cinemas.

new SDV 1300 is able to display on a big screen images coming from a computer with resolution up to 1280x1024 pixels (VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA compressed, Pc o Mac) or video sequences from a VCR, laser disk player, cameras, DVD, satellite analog and digital receivers. Six interchangeable optical groups (zoom e fixed lenses) allow to fit the projector both in small and in big room with flexibility with respect to the display size.

Portability And Easy-Of-Use:

new SDV 1300 is really a “Plug&Play” projector; no complex adjustments and settings; it can be easily installed in a few minutes. Big handles allow a safe and reliable handling. Focus and vertical shift are possible by a simple pressure of a button on the remote control.

SDV 1300
DLP™ Type: 3 x DMD™ chip 848 x 600 pixels
Optional Lenses: Zoom 1,5-3,0:1 e 3,0-7,0:1
Fixed lenses 3,0:1; 5,0:1; 7,0:1
Wide-angle 1,27:1
Focus: Adjustable via remote control
Vertical Shift: Adjustable via remote control with automatic correction of the keystone
Lamp: 500W Xenon pluggable from the user
Brightness: 1300 Ansi lumens
Installation: front o retroprojection, floor or ceiling (tool included)
Contrast: > 180:1
Color temperature: 9500(infinity)K, 6500(infinity)K, 5500(infinity)K, 3200(infinity)K
Standards: PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3,58 & 4,43 and HDTV 1125 lines
Graphics mode: 640pel x220lines to 1280x1024x65Hz
Memories: all settings can be memorized in 40 memory locations
Test signals: Six internal test patterns
RGB/YUV input: via BNC
VGA input: via DB15
Video input: via BNC
S-VHS input: via mini din 4 pin
Digital Input (serial & parallel) ITU-R 656 (Digital Betacam) / ITU-R BT.1120 (HDTV)
Serial data: via BNC
Parallel data: via DB25
Remote control: Both infrared and cable backlighted RC with shortcut buttons to main functions; a simplified user remote control is provided on top.
On Screen Display: available for all setting og the projector
Back display: very useful display set on the back of the projector
Dimensions (LxHxD): 71 x 30 x 69 cm
Weight: 45,5 Kg
Flight case: 85x85x85; 49,5 Kg