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Sèleco SLD iScan™ Plus
PureProgressive™ Display Interface

It's like discovering that television is good for your eyes ...

It's Eye Candy ... The core technology in any line doubler is the process used to deinterlace the image - to convert the video stream from 60 interlaced fields per second to 60 progressively scanned frames per second. DVDO has developed proprietary algorithms to do this in a way that will please the most discriminating videophile. The iScan™ Plus uses the data from four video fields to determine exactly which portions of the image are in motion, what type of movement exists in each, and how best to generate a progressive image with maximum picture detail. The result is a stunning video image that you will enjoy.

A Film Mode That Works ... In order to generate even more detail in the output image, the iScan™ Plus determines whether the incoming video was originally captured from film, generated from computer graphics, generated from a video game, or came from a video camera. For film and graphics, the iScan™ Plus reassembles the original progressive frames for a high quality displayed image.

It's a Snap to Set Up ... Using the iScan™ Plus couldn't be simpler for the first time user, or for the experienced videophile. Plug in and enjoy. Just connect up to three video sources (DVD Player, Laser Disc Player, VCR, DSS, Cable, Broadcast, etc.) into the clearly labeled back panel, and connect the output cable to your display - either RGB or component Y-Pr-Pb (progressive scan is 31.5 kHz).

And Best of All - It's Affordable ... PureProgressive technology developed by DVDO's video scientists has enabled us to develop a line doubler to be rich in performance and features, but at a breakthrough price to the video public.

Note: iScan™ Plus and other PureProgressive™ products are covered by one or more pending U.S. and foreign patents.

Technical Specifications


    Video Input

  • Two S-Video inputs

  • One composite video input

  • Auto sensing and switching

  • Accepts standard (NTSC) interlace scan


  • 15-pin VGA-type D connector

  • RGB or Y-Pr-Pb output colorspace

  • Separate H, V synchronization; composite sync; sync on green (or Y)

  • Outputs 480p progressive scan video, 31.5 kHz scan rate


  • Input select/priority switch (1/2/3)

  • Colorspace select (RGB or Y-Pr-Pb)

    Input Stage

  • High-detail low noise video decoder

  • High quality adaptive Y/C comb filter

    Source Detection

  • Film (3:2 pulldown detection)

  • Computer Graphics (30 Fps)

  • Video

  • Auto-dynamic thresholds enable reliable 3:2 pulldown detection even with noisy sources

    Video Processing

  • Four input fields used to determine contents of each output frame

  • Progressive Source Detection and reassembly of original frames

  • Motion detection on fine-grained cell basis

  • Motion-adaptive video de-interlacing

  • Cubic interpolation for pixel calculations

  • Diagonal processing reduces jaggies

  • 10-bit video DACs

    Input Cables (included)

  • S-Video

  • Composite Video


  • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz